Ekklesia Arise

'When we get to heaven, we will be one, ' they would say. The situation even seem impossible as more churches are opened. The more churches we open, the more divided we have become.

Over the past decades, there have been various attempts and moves to make believers united. One of these is the suggestion to make all churches 'hold service' together and adopt a pattern of service. However, this has been proven to be ineffective.

Churches are homogeneous. Each church has a unique doctrine, system and sometimes, social class. Christians who think women should cover their hair and not wear trousers may not be comfortable to stay in the same church with people who do. Christians who do not wear white garments to church may not be comfortable with Christians who do. The list is endless.

MAt its best, organized oneness may be mechanical, with no life in it.
How then can oneness that is not arranged by men or built around personalities be demonstrated among believers? How can there be genuine fellowship among diverse believers?

In matt 16: 18, Jesus said, 'I will build my Ekklesia'. This word has been mistranslated to church. The Ekklesia refers to an assembly of the citizens of a community. The Lord's Ekklesia is the assembly of his called out.

When believers from different churches and with different doctrinal backgrounds fellowship together in homes, in their communities, this is the Lord's Ekklesia (The Lord's assembly). Oneness of believers would be visible in such local gatherings of diverse believers. This is the oneness that will make the world to believe. John 17: 21.

Let Ekklesia arise!