No Greater TRIBE

No denomination is special. No group of believers is superior. Every believer is equally a child of God.

Man often desires to be the best or the most special among his peers. If he is not superior to some, he may not believe that he is good enough. Some believers as well want to be the most loved by God or God's favorite.

Perhaps this is why there are several believers trying to do things to earn God's love. Sadly, this is a cause of division in the body of Christ.

Many believers who describe others as 'not living according to the scripture', do so because such persons are not following the scripture based on their own standard. They, as a result, consider themselves to be higher in rank, status, or quality compared to believers outside their groups.

But there is only one Body of Christ. Every member of this body is saved through faith in Jesus Christ. Regardless of how spiritual, famous, great or charismatic a christian group is, the members are not superior to other believers.

In this kingdom, there is no greater tribe. Indeed, there is only One Ekklesia.