Partners in the Gospel

Apostle Paul oftentimes referred to other ministers in his days as his partners or colaborers. He also encouraged believers to work together, strive together and fight together for the faith.

Why is togetherness important? What are the advantages of partnering with one another? Why has it been difficult for believers to work side by side to achieve the same purpose?

The answers are not far-fetched. One of the reasons is the lack of trust among Christians. Despite having the same Lord and the same Holy Spirit, Christians over the years have become suspicious of one another. But the time has come to put an end to this!

Different ministries may have missions and visions that are similar and yet find it impossible to work side by side to achieve them. While this post is not saying everybody must come together under an umbrella and must do everything together, it is important that ministers learn to partner with one another to yield maximum return for the Lord.

One man will chase a thousand and two will put ten thousand to flight. This is the power of working together. It is time for ministers to put their fears and distrust aside and work together to do the Father's business.