Say No To idolatry

The advent of Christianity in Africa brought a partial end to idolatry in the continent. While people still practice traditional religion, it is believed that a large number of people have been delivered from the worship of idols.

Yet, the division among believers is a result of idolatry. Here, the idols are not golden statues but doctrines and men.

In 2Corith 10:4-5, Paul spoke of arguments and high things raised up against the knowledge of God. Essentially, raising any doctrine or man above the knowledge of Christ is idolatry and this results in division.

Oftentimes, believers so uplift a doctrine that they would have nothing to do with people who do not practice such. It could be a prayer style, it could be tongue speaking or other manifestation of gifts, dress code or tithing. Othertimes, some 'papa' followers will have nothing to do with other believers who are not their 'papa' followers.

In each case, something has been uplifted above the knowledge of Jesus Christ and this idolatry results in division. It is the simplicity of the faith and a focus on the knowledge of Jesus Christ that result in unity.

Let Christ remain our only focus. Let us cast down every high thing- doctrine or man - that exalt itself against the knowledge of God. Say No To Idolatry!